When to buy a hot tub?


When to buy a hot tub?

Well, summer is hitting us quickly, so maybe now is the best time to consider buying the perfect tub you’ve always dreamed of. Now hot tubs starting from just a few hundred pounds for a compact one, you can get up and running in just a few hours. These portable hot spas are perfect, and you pick them up from your nearest dealer straight away and bring them home the same day.So here are some tips which help you to know when you have to buy a hot tub.

1.) Choose which type of hot tub you want.

Several come in the form of an inflatable round or oval tub that is simply built using an air compressor and then filled with water. Many portable hot tubs have side panels that simply fit together, and before filling up, the tub then has a liner inside. The tubs that feature side panels cost from around £ 1,500 and upwards, where they can start at around £ 3-400 as an inflatable tub.

2.) Compare it with other hot tubs.

The next step is to consider buying what most people would class as a proper hot tub, made of acrylic, and featuring a multitude of air and water jets built-in. Such tubs will cost a lot more, though, and a good 2/3 individual will start at about £ 3,000 in size. A large acrylic tub can cost upwards of £ 10,000 at the top end of the scale, but for that price, you’re probably looking at a model that can comfortably fit eight or more people.

3.) Know the role of water in hot tub.

While you may want to buy one, and indeed have the money to do so, be aware that every day you will need to treat the water in your tub to make sure it stays healthy and clean. They’re not something you can buy in the main, and then just forget about it once you have it up and running.

If you leave the water untreated even for a few days, you can either take off the cover and expect it to be a sea of green algae that won’t be easy to clean up, and it can take up to two weeks to get the water cleaned again, or you might have to empty the hot tub of water and start again.

4.) Find out your perfect fit.

The room in your home will decide how large or small you should get, and what kind of tub you should get. You might want to consider having an outdoor spa or hot tub if you love the outside and have a spacious yard or porch. Outdoor tubs are generally made of robust and durable materials that can withstand natural elements and changing weather conditions. It is available in various sizes, which are also perfect for couples and large groups. On the other hand, indoor tubs are better suited for people who want privacy and have enough indoor space.

It may sound unexciting and boring to take some time to think and consider things, but this will surely bring rewarding results. However, if you agree with a close friend or a favorite family member, you can make it more enjoyable. It’s good to spend some time chatting and brainstorming with the people you’re going to spend lavish dipping within your life with.


That said, buying a tub is a great investment, and I guarantee for years to come you’ll get hours of fun from them. Simply invest the money wisely. Well, If you are in UAE and want to invest in hot tub then give us a chance to serve you. As Hottubkart has a large variety of hot tub collection which include swim spas tub, party spas tub and many more.

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