How to buy a hottub?


How to buy a hottub?

Here are some important things to consider when buying a hot tub.

1. Why are you buying hot tub?

For Some people it is for wellness – achy muscles, high blood pressure, getting older so you feel better after getting a water immersion. For others it’s a connection – a time for family to gather and go over the day, more time spent with the children or more time of reflection and time spent with God. And lastly, for some it is just for fun.

2. Selection

Make sure you have plenty of choices. Some hot tubs only have small differences between them, but those differences can make a big difference on the right hot tub. Be sure to sit in many styles to see how they fit dry.

3. Service after the sale is a must

Hot tubs today are very reliable for a complicated machine. They are very easy to operate and fun to use until something goes wrong. Most have sufficient warranties to cover the cost of the repair so that is the easy part. The hard part is finding a reliable service department. Great dealers have great service.

4. Price is important, but its only one factor of many

Value is more important. Most people don’t want a cheap hot tub; they want a good hot tub at a cheap price. Manufacturers and retailers know how to make something look better than it is.

5. Finally is TRUST!

The only way to know you are getting the right hot tub from a big enough selection, with great service at a great value and price is to find a trustworthy dealer. Good and bad dealers are out there. Look for one with many years of service in hot tubs. Find a great dealer and trust them to help you pick out your perfect hot tub.

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