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HottubKart’s Story begins from 2011, when the hottub was really unaffordable for residents, we made it affordable and installed hottubs across all regions of UAE. More than 400 satisfied users in almost every location of UAE.

HottubKart is a Part of Hybrid Sports Group of Companies. A Global Sports & Leisure Solution Company, having presence in Middle East, Africa, Europe, India and Nepal and affiliates in many parts of the world. We are a total Sports & Leisure Solutions Company, having a global presence and unique approach for the complete range of sports services.

  • We provide different size, color, and shape Hot tub, Swim Spa, and party spa tubs to our valuable and trusted clients. It is not an easy job to run a business without complaints, but it has been our adherence and hard work that we have zero complaints registered till now. All the credit goes to our deliberate and experienced team that has the potential to think out of the box.
  • Apart from having a good team at Hottubkart, you will see high-quality and long-durable products only. We never accord with the quality and efficiency of our products, and after getting approval from our experts, we only sell recommended hot tubs to our valuable clients. 
  • We want to let our customers feel the royal experience when they jump into our quality made hot tub products. For a trial base, our valuable consumers can rent hot tubs to see how it feels in it. Upon satisfaction, they can avail of our services for installation. Our consumers are our firm strength, and we have the vision to eliminate as much as their expenditures. 
  • We deliver the hot tubs free of cost and install them accurately. We are professionals in this industry, and that is why we have been recognized as the best hot tubs installer in the city by our beloved consumers. The right example of our professionalism is that we always work with ethics and with the right amount of tools and types of equipment. 
  • Our installation tools which are highly recommended and authorized by industry experts before utilizing them on the field. You must try our services once to see the difference. Our prices are compatible and reasonable as compared to our competitors in the market. We are a law-abiding driven company that always gives importance to the priorities of consumers at top. 
  • We aim to resolve customer queries ASAP without providing any hassle to them. Customers are our valuable assets, and we don’t want to deceive them by any means. The good thing about our hot tubs is that they are available in varieties of ranges. For example, we have desirable tubs available for one person to the field of nine persons. The Comfort level is always provided with the quality of our products. 
  • We have a dedicated 24*7 customer service team available to resolve your queries and doubts. They are professionals in their field and can clear your uncertainties by providing 1-1 counseling. It’s a complete honor when our customers reward us for procuring our products. In return, they receive a quality product, economical price, excellent customer service, time-saving installation process, and foremost a smile from our end.    

Hottubkart is one of the prominent leading UAE based company that deals in installation of luxurious yet economical bath and spa tubs. It has been a decade since we are serving our community by providing quality products to them. Our goals are profound, and we have the aim to install 5000 hot bathtubs across UAE, and the figure is more than twice as compared to our previous 1000 hot tubs installation. 

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Hot Tub & Swim Spas Made in Poland – Free Shipping. Every Hot Tub is according to your exact specifications, and backed by our perfect-fit guarantee.

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A spa provides powerful combination of massage and hot water. We strive to do things better with kind massage & features that keep water hot & operating cost low.

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